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The Lord blessed us with great weather during the Danny Mason's TBBA event held on Saturday March 29 in Mineral Wells, Texas. It was a great event too, with 26 Derby Bulls and 24 Futurity Bulls bucked.Some new Contractors entered and the bulls bucked were the best we have had this year. The TBBA and the contractors want to thank the Bull Rider's that showed up and you all tried your hardest,, proud of you. Thanks to Barry Neely for running the back pens, Jory,Joe and all the others. Thanks to Clay Hastins and Justin Knox for fighting bulls. Thanks to Dan Brown and Mel Kimbro for Judging.


The Derby Winners

1. Bull #120. Ace of Spades. 44.75. $1,560. Buckle Winner

2. Bull #108. Lisa Juran. 44.25. $1,300

3/4 Bull. #Y3. Robbie Schroeder 43.75. $910

3/4 Bull. #2. Brian Pittak. 43.75. $. 910

5/6 Bull. #1848. Jack Raymond. 43.00. $260

5/6 Bull. #-12. Cody Garrett. 43.00. $260


Bull Rider Winners

1. Brody Yearly. 86.75. $520. Buckle Winner

2. Cody Harris. 85.50. $390

3. Cody Harris 81.50. $260

4. Tuff Morgan. 74.25. $130


The Futurity Winners

1. Bull #210. Lisa Juran 44. $1440. Buckle Winner

2/3 Bull #112. Lee McLauchlin/Bob Banard. 43. $900

2/3. Bull #210. Robbie Schroeder. 42. $900

4/4. Bull #240R. R W Cattle Co. 42.5. $180

4/4. Bull #100. Cullen Calame. 42.5. $180


The initial winner Bull 212 was DQ'ed due to unpaid fees and no membership, however it was the judged winner with a score of 44.75 pts. This was an unfortunate event but rules are rules.


Thanks again to all that came from Danny Mason and the TBBA. All other scores will be posted later along with the TBBA season points standings.


Let's Buck'em

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