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Board of Directors
Cullen Calame – (940) 393-3730

Honorary Past Directors
Lee McLauchlin


  1. "No Bitching" Judges Decision FINAL. (NOTE anyone who has a complaint, bring it up to a Director. Anyone posting negative comments on social media will be fined $250 for the first offense. Second offense you will be banned from entering any events for the remainder of the season)

  2. TBBA reserves the right to refuse entry from anyone for cause.

  3. "No Cheating." Cheaters will be banned.  Anyone caught cheating at any ABBI or sanctioned event is disqualified from entering a TBBA event, will incur a $50 fine for the first offense as well as forfeit their entry fee for said event. The 2nd offense will result in suspension for the rest of the season's events.

  4. Bulls placing in the top 10 at any ABBI Sanctioned Event or Co- Sanctioned Event (in the Pre-Futurity, Futurity or Derby classes) in the corresponding year/season are prohibited from entering TBBA classes (other than a designated “OPEN” TBBA class).


Any bull that has placed in the Top 10 of any ABBI or ABBI co-sanctioned event in the Pre-Futurity, Futurity Classes (including Women’s & Youth), or Derby Class are not eligible to enter TBBA Pre-Futurity, TBBA Futurity Classes (including Women’s & Youth), or TBBA Derby Class. However – they may enter the Texas 85, 87 or OPEN Futurity Class. ABBI points to follow bull.


Expanded for Clarity 2.23.2023


  1. "No Drunks, Druggies, or Fighting." No Drinking in the Arena or on the back of the bucking chutes during an event.

  2. Dress-Code to be enforced; short-sleeve collared shirts to be accepted based on weather. No shorts. No flip-flops. No ball caps.

  3. No talking to, standing by, annoying, questioning or otherwise disturbing the Judges during an event until the Judges have turned their official results to the Secretary.

  4. Bulls do not need to be registered, however, all bulls ages are taken on YOUR WORD, the bull should remain the same age/division during the season based on their age as of 1/1/2023.  Owners/handlers, and liars will be banned.

  5. Youth Futurity rules (Ages 9 to 18 and must not be 18 as of January 1 of 2023. Youth must attempt to flank own bull and be accompanied by Adult supervisor. Parents must sign release of liability.

  6. Women's Futurity age limit is 19 and over. Women must flank bull.

  7. A bull can “flip-flop” between classes in a season, but points for the BULL stay in each separate entered class.

  8. Women’s & Youth calves can not double enter in the Futurity, Texas 85 or 87.

  9. Owners/Handlers are required to help unload and load their bulls. Anyone failing to help may be charged a fee of not more than $50 per head or be disqualified.

  10. A buck order draw will be made prior to the event start and when possible the buck order will be followed, however changes in buck order may be required for unforeseeable situations.

  11. Yearling bulls may be penned together and loaded together in groups of 8 or less depending upon the size of the holding pens and loading pens available at that particular event. The yearling's will be grouped according to the draw buck order, but due to the loading issues of young bulls, the exact buck order may be altered due to loading issues. Best efforts to follow the buck order will be used.

  12. Owners/Handlers flank their own bulls, chinch down their own box and press their own clicker after the whistle blows.

  13. No unauthorized persons or people allowed in the arena or pens.

  14. All persons entering onto Event Holder's property agree to become a "Participant in Farm Animal Activities" as per "Chapter 87 of the Texas Rules and Remedies Code", no exceptions.

  15. Event Holder/Texas Bucking Bull Association and all other "Participants" ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL ACCIDENTS AS YOU ENTER THE PROPERTY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  16. All "Participants" must sign a "Texas Bucking Bull Association Membership Card" and follow the rules and regulations herein stated.


  18. All riders must be 18 years old or have their parents present and all Riders must sign a "Pre-Injury Release of Liability."

  19. All Riders under the age of 18 years old must a wear a protective helmet; riders of ALL AGES must wear a protective vest.

  20. All Riders must use rowels in their spurs that are approved by the event holder, no sharp rowels allowed.

  21. Bucking Times: Yearling Bulls - 4 seconds, 2-year-old bulls 5 seconds, 3-year-old bulls - 6 seconds with a Dummy, Budro Derby bulls - 6 seconds.

  22. No foreign objects allowed in, on or under the flanks or boxes.

  23. Two Judge system, but in certain cases a multiple Judge system may be used. Judges will continue to be rotated throughout the season.

  24. If the belly/torso/side touches of bull touches the ground, the animal will be awarded 0 points. Ultimately, a disqualification of a bull is the decision of judges.

  25. Any and all complaints need to be made to the EVENT HOLDER or Texas Bucking Bull Association Officer and no one else, either verbally or in a written form.  Members that post complaints to social media will be fined $250 for the 1st offense, the 2nd offense will result in suspension for the remainder of the season, and any points acquired will be forfeit.

  26. All fees are to be paid in CASH and all winners will be paid in CASH at the event.

  27. Checks are allowed only by permission of Event Holder, but winner's payout will still be paid out in CASH/check will be given back as portion of payment if possible.

  28. Entries open 2 Mondays before event & CLOSE Wednesday @ NOON before event. Continued non-notified turn outs will be noted and potentially grounds for entry refusal.

  29. If late entries are accepted after entry books close, at the discretion of event producer, bull(s) will buck first in buck order.

  30. Event Schedules, Notices, Rules and Regulations, and Results will be posted on the Texas Bucking Bull Association's website at:

  31. All Event Holders must be approved by the Texas Bucking Bull Association and we encourage new event holders to contact us and join us in promoting the sport.

  32. 2023 Membership is $100.00, with fee going towards Year-End awards and Finals Production. Membership fee is due at the first event entered, by cash or check, before bulls buck. ALL individual names / partners / owners listed on bull must purchase a TBBA Membership.

  33. To qualify for entry in the Year-End Finals, a bull must have bucked in 2 or more regular season events, no exceptions. 2023 Finals event points will count towards 2023 year-end standings and count as “1 event”.

  34. Prior to Finals, standings with event qualifications will be released via email and website so members may evaluate which bulls are eligible for entry.

  35. Buckle to be awarded to the overall point-winner (all classes) of a ranch raised, owned & hauled bull at the end of the season/Finals.

  36. Each event host may choose to give buckles for his individual event.

  37. Rules and Regulations may be amended by majority vote of the Board of Directors, and any member may propose a rule change to the Board at any time, however 2023 Rules will remain in place throughout the 2023 season, and all change suggestions will be considered and/or accepted when 2024 Rules are discussed after the end of the 2022 season.

  38. Ear Tags will not be allowed as bull identification. Fire brand is required.

  39. Bulls must be tipped or leave them on your trailer.  In special cases, they may be tipped on-site with a $100 fine.

  40. Payout will be 1 place for every 5 bulls entered, rounding up. (Example: 6 entries, 2 holes)

  41. Entry Fees:

    1. Open 2-Year Old Futurity” (points do not count) Entry Fee set by producer

    2. Derby $325

    3. Futurity $300

    4. Pre-Futurity $275 (Heifers may enter w/appropriate entry fee). *Heifer Pre-Futurity Sidepot $175 (100% payback, buck once, must enter Pre-Futurity as well)

    5. Texas 85 & 87 (slide) $250

    6. Women's Futurity $250

    7. Youth Futurity $175

    8. $100 drag per bull, except for Youth which is $5

  42. Other Fees:

 1. $300 for every TBBA event to be paid by host/producer

 2. $50 for late arrival after 2nd late arrival

43. Year-End Points will be counted as follows:

Winner gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9 points, 3rd gets 8 points, and so on down to 1 point for 10th and 1 point for all other bulls entered. In the case of a tie, points are added together for those winning places and divided by the number of tying scores and awarded equally to the winner.

  1. Bulls deemed un-handleable by event host or any Director may be ordered scratched, please advise staff if bull has not been handled and is extremely hot to avoid injuries to staff or bull.

  2. Entry Fees, and Membership MUST BE PAID prior to the start of an event.

  3. If you do not agree to these rules and regulations then DO NOT COME.​

  4. If a bull is scratched within 24 hours of the event start time, the owner/handlers must provide the TBBA with a Vet Release within 14 days. If no Vet Release is provided, a $100 fine must be paid upon entering future TBBA event.





Amended 1.01.2024

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